Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Back

It's been a long, stressful week. My grandma is at peace though. After the funeral we went to a buffet which ended up giving me and my dad food poisoning. A great follow up. I think I have lost about 5 pounds over the last week from not eating much. I finally started trying to eat solid food late yesterday, seems to be going well.

As far as astronomy stuff, I will get the '2012 doomsday' mumble jumble done on this Tuesday, just to make things easier. My telescope camera was also waiting here for me when I got home, so once I feel better and get a chance to practice with it, expect pictures. I am also giving a lecture this upcoming Thursday called 'Life in the Universe' that seems like it might have a high turn out. It is based on the toolkit that I have been testing for NASA of the same name. A bit excited about that and hoping to feel better by then.

So there is the update, no real new content today. There is some stuff in the news from the past week though: SpaceX announced plans for a heavy lift rocket, A possible new particle discovered in data from a US accelerator, next week (April 10-16) is lunar week in the global month of astronomy (hopefully I'll use my camera for some moon shots by then.), NASA released a Hubble image of a star torn apart by a black hole, and A strangely silent triple star system discovered by Kepler.