Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And Now I Begin

So, this is my first post, and it is rather late. I have been fiddling with Blogger most of the night, and just wanted to at least make one post before I went off to sleep. I should probably put a little bit of an introduction as to goal of this blog.

I want to use it primarily just to talk about whatever random subject I may want. And maybe take reader input and try to answer whatever questions or discuss whatever topics may be brought up. I do want to keep it a little bit active. Most I would like to stick to astronomical topics, what astronomers are discovering and space related current events. I have a special interest in astrobiology and astronomy outreach. But I also have a wide and varying field of interests, so don't be surprised to see some mention of computers and gadgets, music and movies, video games, computer and web security, and whatever else. And even though I have an interest in politics and international relations, I will try to keep that to a minimum.

So, good night, and I hope people take an interest in my blog.


Anonymous said...

Nice I'm going to start reading this because I need as many views of the Celestial Sphere as possible. I espeacially want to hear new ideas, and look forward to fresh, new opinions and interpretaions.
Also color-enhanced computer images of space things are always nice.

Bring_Napkins said...

Cool cool, I look forward to the next post, hopefully we get to see some cool hi-res images of Hubble Telescope captures or something.

Anonymous said...

I know that this is old but, I'm relly enjoying your blog:)

Astronomy Pirate said...

Thanks, I have really enjoyed writing this so far. I like hearing that people enjoy reading it.

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