Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Plan

So I am still thinking about how to set this all up, it's a bit of a learning experience. And I also currently have no readers, so mostly I am writing to myself and future readers. I will probably start advertising my blog on Facebook and Twitter in a couple days, I want to write some content and post it. I think I have a decent layout to start and will always be willing to take suggestions and critique on how to change it. There are probably better templates out there too. I also want to get some graphics, like a banner or something.

Anyways, I think the name is a good one too. 'Habitable Zones of the Internet'. It's supposed to pull to mind astrobiology, as in the habitable zone around a star and in a galaxy. The region where life is capable of inhabiting, something that is being searched for actively and with enthusiasm in astronomy right now. Some recent and exciting news in this is the massive amount of planets, over 1200, discovered by the Kepler mission. One or two of them appear to be in ideal conditions for life, while another dozen or so are also possibilities.

The great part about this is that the project is still on going. Kepler is still looking for more planets around stars, and the longer it runs, the more likely it will be to find Earth-like candidates. And on an even more exciting scale, there is so much data that astronomers cannot go through it all on their own. They have asked citizen scientists (i.e. YOU) to help out. A site called has been set up to make it easy for anyone and everyone to participate in the search for planets orbiting around other stars. I encourage who ever reads this to go give it a shot.

That's all for now, maybe I will get into the 'Internet' side of the title next time... we'll see.


Bring_Napkins said...

I will check out that link. Maybe I can actually make a difference, and contribute to science.

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