Friday, February 11, 2011


Possibly one of the best days of the week. I'm not really sure what to talk about yet, but I still wanted to make a post today. And my post last night was a bit lucid on the internet, but whatever. I'll try working to some ultimate point.

There are a couple of things that I do want to say. I mentioned the NoteSlate late last night/early this morning, and I'm considering making that a Friday thing. That is, to mention some exciting gadget out there that looks interesting to me. No, I won't be getting paid to plug them or anything, I just think new gizmos are cool.

On the topic of gizmos though, my mom just got a big one. Her van got old and in the recent snow storms, she hit a barrier and bent the axles, so she just got a new car today. A 2008 Honda Accord that pretty much has everything thing. It's pretty exciting, a sweet car. I personally still like my old beat up truck, but a car like that would be nice once my truck goes into the grave.

In the news, I would also like to mention, Egypt has finally succeeded in its revolution, thrown out Mubarak. I hope the Egyptians don't screw it up though. There is the call for democracy, but I am wary that some other group might take power with an equal or less democratic tone then Mubarak's regime. There is a delicate balance in Egypt, and a slower, more progressive change in leadership might have been better. But then the Egyptians risk the new power just being another western puppet. So while the revolution might be over, the changes are just beginning. It will be interesting to see just who takes power, who will be left out, and ultimately what this does for regional stability. There could be reams and reams of information to be said about this, and it already has been. So, those are probably better sources to with, but I just wanted to mention something about this historic event.

For anyone reading in Maryland, specifically the Harford County area, the HCAS is having their open house at the HCC observatory tomorrow night. Everyone is welcome, the weather should be decent. And if the weather holds, after the open house we will be observing the storm on Saturn. All exciting things. I am hoping to get an astrobiology kit from the Night Sky Network next week and start working on that project too. Oh yeah, I also earned a Night Sky Network Outreach pin through the HCAS for the work I have done.

I guess that is a good update for now. I plan to add links to some great astronomy sources on the sidebar soon.


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